Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a musical genius and child prodigy. Since almost his birth, Mozart was amazing audiences throughout Europe with his virtuoso keyboard and violin prowess.

Ushering in the new classical style, Mozart composed huge numbers of piano sonatas, operas and symphonies, as well as many chamber music compositions. Classical traits witnessed in Mozart’s music include delicate balance, clarity of musical lines and transparency, all of which define the classical era. Mozart continued to develop his musical style throughout his lifetime, even incorporating chromatic harmonies into his compositions.

The piano concerto was a relatively new format that Mozart introduced and popularized. His operas are ground-breaking for their style of writing, with several soloists singing at one time. Don Giovanni, The Marriage of Figaro and The Magic Flute, are regularly performed by famous opera companies to this day.

While famous and immensely popular throughout his life, Mozart was never financially stable and fell into ill health at a very young age. His death at only 35 years of age is a huge loss to the musical world. His well-known burial in a pauper’s grave seems criminal to think of today. The equally genius composer, Beethoven, was deeply influenced by Mozart, and would also propel the music world into another era, the Romantic era.

Mozart’s music has never been silenced and is loved to this day. He died with his beloved Requiem unfinished, yet it is widely performed due to it ethereal beauty.

Mozart has been immortalized by Hollywood with its documentation of the nearly insane jealousy of Salieri, an Italian composer who lived over twice as long as Mozart, but would never come close to Mozart’s genius.

The genius of Mozart remains incomprehensible. While it can be studied and attempts at emulation can be made, the better course is simply to listen in amazement.

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