Classical Music

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  2. April 7, 2013 8:18 pm

Classical Music

“Classical music” refers to Western art music, the music developed in Western Europe and the United States during the last four centuries by composers who wrote in specific musical formats, including the sonata and the symphony.

Classical music has always been evolving into new styles with new techniques since it made its way out of the Middle Ages. Tonal harmonies, scales and chords, and music notation are just a few of the building blocks that classical music has provided for music lovers of every genre.

Far from being serious and stodgy, classical music is vibrant and full of life. While contemporary pop singers croon about the objects of their affections, classical music has always expressed themes of love and relationships. Consider any well-known opera, from Aida to Madame Butterfly, and you will hear a story of love, heart break, jealousy and betrayal, conveyed through breathtaking melodies and harmonies.

Classical music lovers are devoted to the huge body of work by the geniuses of the past–Bach, Mozart and Beethoven to name but a few. Their music survives through the ages as masterpieces. However, classical music is alive and well today in the hands of young composers who still push the limits of musical forms, just as the masters who came before them.

Today classical musicians reach out to the public to share the beauty of their music. Many feel that classical music can’t be appreciated in the same way that popular music can be, but nothing is further from the truth. You don’t have to be a trained violinist or pianist to love the music of Brahms and Chopin, just as you don’t have to an artist to appreciate a beautiful painting. Just relax and let the sounds wash over you.

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